"90 Days to New Clients" helps financial advisors

Prospecting is the key to any successful business and getting new clients is the goal. Before this program there was no "right way" to go about getting new clients. Now there's a way and it's ready for you to put into practice.

Is this you?

  • You desperately want to grow your practice and be HUGELY successful
  • You spend endless hours sitting at your desk racking your brain about how to get new clients
  • You pick up the phone but you don't know what to do or say
  • You just don't know WHAT you should be doing to get new clients

Well, there is a way to get new clients!

What is "90 Days to New Clients"?

It's a step by step, SYSTEMATIC WAY to grow your business over a ninety day time period. You'll be working a strategic plan to gain exposure to new prospects, working current clients, and working a Weekly Action Planner so that you can build your business in a logical manner. I'm not talking about a system that includes a cold call list or requires knocking on doors. This is a plan of action that shows you WHAT you should be doing, when you should be doing it, and helps you to review what you've done to see where you're coming up short.

This system is AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. After you have paid you will go to the download page and download all the products directly to your computer. Nothing will be mailed to you. You can get started IMMEDIATELY!

This program teaches you:

  • How to find prospects
  • How to market to warm prospects
  • Activities you should be doing
  • Activities you should NOT be doing
  • Techniques to build a prospect pipeline
  • How to stay organized
  • How to create your goals
  • How to plan your weekly habits
  • How to FOCUS and PRIORITIZE for the best results  
  • The best ways to follow up with prospects
  • How to create a Daily Success Schedule
  • How to work smarter not harder
  • How to go home on time!
  • How to build a book of business
  • How to systematize your marketing efforts
  • How to get out of fear and self sabotage
  • How to organize your Daily Goals like a Top Producer

Some marketing strategies take many months and even years to yield results. This program is employed over three months. If you want new clients as soon as possible, this program is for YOU.

Why 90 Days?

The secret to getting new clients is to create a marketing SYSTEM and repeat the actions over a period of time. When you repeat marketing activities over a consistent timeframe like 90 days, you have a greater chance of success. Engaging in a marketing activity just once will do you no good at all.

Why was this program created?

My name is Suzanne Muusers. I am an ICF-Member Business Coach working with financial advisors, independent professionals, and small business owners since 2004. Most clients hire me to grow their business and get new clients - It's the first thing they want to do. But they don't know how to go about it. Finally, after many years of coaching clients, I developed a SYSTEM to get new clients that anyone can use without hiring me. I work with advisors day in and day out and I know what they need to do to be more successful. This program helps advisors and business owners to accomplish their goals.

What's included in this program?

#1 90 Days to New Clients Program Guide

Describes the program and actions you'll need to take. The actions correspond to sections of the Weekly Action Planner

#2 Weekly Action Planner

A two-page action planner that will force you to be systematic and strategic

#3 Daily Success Schedule Template

Create a visual of your most productive daily schedule

#4 Marketing Activities Idea Bank

Additional marketing tactics you should employ in growing your business

#5 Sample Marketing Plan

An example of a marketing plan to warm prospects

#6 Warm Prospect List Template

Organize the list of prospects you will market to

#7 13 Week Motivational E-Course

Motivational course delivered via Email with tips and strategies to help you create success

What does success look like to you?

  • Imagine KNOWING WHAT TO DO daily to be successful
  • Imagine your life with BIG RESULTS from your prospecting
  • Imagine the FREEDOM you'll have with more INCOME

If you could find a SYSTEM that would help you FOCUS on getting more clients, what is this worth to you?

  • What is the lifetime value of one new client?
  • What is your time worth to you?
  • What is your life worth to you?

What will you do with all the extra income you'll be earning??

  • Buy that lake house you've been wanting…
  • Take that romantic cruise your spouse talks about…
  • Buy a new house or car…

What does this program cost?


What's it worth? It's PRICELESS!

*** If you hired me for six months to work on getting new clients you would spend over $3000.00. By purchasing my program, you are learning quickly what it took me many years to discover. You will cut years off your learning curve with the success tools provided.

Remember, you'll get everything you need to develop your systematic marketing plan to get new clients in 90 days PLUS a 13-Week Motivational Course sent directly to your email inbox.

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90 Days to New Clients Prospecting Program

My highly successful system focused on getting new clients, getting productive, and ramping up your prospecting plan.

BIG Bonus!

You'll also get my E-Book "29 Surefire Ways to Prospect for New Clients"

Tip: Be sure to use your personal email address as the emailed motivational course may end up caught in company spam filters. After purchase, if you don't receive the Week 1 email right away, please check your email spam folder.

*** If you hired me for six months to work on getting new clients you would spend over $3100.00. By purchasing this system, you are learning quickly what it took me years and years to discover. You will cut years off your learning curve with the success tools provided.

What happens after you click on the "Purchase Now" button?

You will go to a secure shopping cart page on our secure server where you will enter your credit card information. After paying, you will go automatically to the "Thank You" page. A short time later you will receive the Week 1 Motivational Course with a link to the products and bonuses. You will be able to download all products directly to your computer. All products are digital and will be available to you immediately after you have paid. Nothing will be mailed to you. Each week thereafter you will receive additional lessons in the motivational course via email. Each week contains valuable tips and tricks to help you be more successful and stay motivated.

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My Personal Guarantee!

If you're not completely satisfied with "90 Days to New Clients" after completing the program and using the tools — I'll return your money within 30 days!

I'm 100% confident that my program will be the absolute best, most complete and most useful system to get new clients.

More than that, I'm confident that if you employ all the techniques and resources I share with you, you'll gain a noticeable amount of new business over the next year and beyond.

o if the system isn't everything you were expecting, and all my tips and resources don't produce the results you were looking for, just ask me for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

No reason needed. No questions asked.

Bonus Reason to purchase today! You are purchasing this program to improve your business, therefore your purchase is 100% tax deductible. That makes this an even better deal -- you really can't lose!

Suzanne Muusers

Business Coach
Prosperity Coaching LLC

Suzanne Muusers

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