Financial Advisor Websites - Why 99 out of 100 Websites Are Useless

Everyone has a website these days. It's a fact that more and more interstate commerce and international business is occurring on the internet. Phone books are being tossed into recycle containers by the hundreds of thousands. Yellow pages advertisements are a thing of the past. Behaviors have changed. Even the wealthy are searching for financial advisors on the internet!

Hello, I am Suzanne Muusers. Brand Consultant and Business Coach to financial advisors since 2004.

Just because you have a website doesn't mean you will attract new clients effortlessly.  So I ask you: Why are 99 out of 100 websites absolutely useless? I'll give you the top two reasons.

1. No search engine optimization (SEO).
2. Unprofessional design that does not brand the business.

If you don't have both of the above, you are missing out on effortless marketing – the art of attracting your perfect clients through subliminal messages AND search engine optimization. Effortless marketing works for you when you sleep, when you are out of the office, and when you meet prospects face to face and hand them your professionally-designed business card.

Drive traffic

I first learned about Effortless Marketing many years ago. I met a nice fellow who designs websites. I proudly took out my business card and handed it to him and said "Please tell me what you think of my website."

The next time I saw him he said "Your website is nicely designed, but no one can find it because it utilizes antiquated design concepts that the search engines can't read. You don't know anything about Search Engine Optimization."

So I went straight home and phoned my designer and said: "You don't know anything about Search Engine Optimization."

From then on, I made it my quest in life to learn more about SEO. Effortless marketing is now working for me. I've built a business where many of my leads come from the internet and I make product sales to folks from Bahrain to Bakersfield daily.

Make sure you are not paying a designer for a glorified online brochure that will sit there gathering internet dust. Find out if your designer knows SEO.

Brand yourself

Financial advisors in early business stages can chose a developer that specializes in sites for the Financial Services industry. What I don't like about these "websites in a box" is that you must continue to pay for your site monthly rather than owning your site outright.   I think the best investment you can make in your business - after you've been around long enough to know who your ideal clients are and what you do best - is to invest in an experienced designer – you'll pay for your site once and own it from there out.  A brand strategist/web designer can help you create an emotional tie to your target clients. Better yet, he or she can build a subconscious or subliminal message that tells your Ideal Clients that they'll get what they want from working with you. 

The influence of the subconscious mind is very powerful. Have you ever seen a person drive by in a car that could have been in an ad for "cash for clunkers" and thought to yourself: "That's an ugly car"? Subconsciously you may be thinking that person has a limited income or is not very successful. Well the same thing happens when you have a website that is not up to the standards your Ideal Clients expect. They may think subconsciously that you are not the experienced business owner you say you are. And they won't be willing to pay top dollar for your services.

Have your cake and eat it too

So the moral of the story is that financial advisors should pick a web designer who can not only design beautifully, but can also utilize search engine optimization. You should be attracting your Ideal Clients through subconscious messages that portray you as the expert you are. Through SEO, you can attract clients far and wide effortlessly.  

If you're looking for an experienced brand & website designer, I highly recommend Art Guy Creative. He can not only design professional marketing materials, he can create a Web site that works: Review Art Guy's Website Development Checklist

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Suzanne Muusers is an ICF-Member Business Coach who has worked with hundreds of successful independent financial advisors, hedge fund managers, and private bankers since 2004. She helps clients develop their Value Proposition, Ideal Client Profile, and Branding Strategy so that their marketing message appeals to affluent clients.

Suzanne has created exercises and programs that help her clients get straight to the point and avoid mistakes other advisors tend to make. Her clients save time getting to the next level due to her extensive knowledge and experience in the business growth field.

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