Three Ways Advisors Can Attract Affluent Clients Through Their Web Site

Successful advisors learn to create a prospect pipeline that will bring them affluent clients week after week and month after month. A constant supply of new prospects is the lifeblood of any successful advisory practice.

Hi, I'm Suzanne Muusers, Coach for Advisors and a Brand Consultant since 2004.

Getting new prospects can be accomplished in many ways and advisors have learned how to use these marketing tactics: referrals, cold calling, seminars, direct mail, etc. What advisors have not learned to do well as yet is to attract affluent clients through their Web site.

The reasons advisors have not fully leveraged their Web site is because too many advisors use template sites that are developed by companies who mass produce sites for the both wirehouse advisors and independents. To attract affluent clients independent advisors and RIA's need to create a CUSTOM WEB SITE.  (Read this article for more about why most advisor web sites don't work.)

Who Are You?

If your Web site doesn't speak to affluent prospects, you'll have trouble attracting them.  Affluent investors spend time researching the background of advisors they are considering working with. This is true regardless of whether they are referred to you, they read something you wrote about a specialized topic, or they just met you while you were walking your dog.

There are three ways to speak to affluent prospects with your Web site: In your biography, through case studies, and by writing articles.

1. What's so great about you?

Use a well written Biography to demonstrate your skills. Write your bio like you are applying for a job, because you are indeed doing just that.

  • List your credentials, degrees, and experience.
  • Tell them what makes you different.
  • Give them five reasons why they should hire you.
  • Write your Mission Statement based on your values and tell the client what they will get out of working with you in terms of BENEFITS. Clients want to read your Value Proposition and learn how it will benefit them.
  • List the qualities your Ideal Clients' possess. This will help you attract more Ideal Clients. 
  • Fiduciary Standard - this is a great opportunity to describe what it means to clients. Very few affluent clients truly understand the implications.

2. How have you helped clients?

Use Case Studies to demonstrate your expertise. You want affluent visitors to your Web site to identify with your Ideal Client profile. So having a case study for three to five different client types will help to pre-sell you as the "ideal" advisor for them. The most effective way to showcase case studies is to feature a photo of the sample client with a 300-400 word narrative regarding the client's situation when they came to you and how it changed after working with you. Using a photo makes it "real" for the person reading the case study.

3. What knowledge do you possess?

Write original articles to demonstrate your expertise. The wonderful thing about being an advisor is all the fabulous knowledge you possess.  Just imagine the article topics you can write about that will show that you are just the advisor your prospect needs to hire. Writing articles has other benefits – they can be used to attract internet traffic to your Web site and they can position you to the media for maximum PR exposure.

So that's three ways you can attract affluent investors to your Web site.  Don't forget: investors who check you out on the web will be pre-sold. This is part of effortless marketing. Once you've done the work, the web works for YOU day and night. The internet is the way of the future. Advisors who don't harness the power of the World Wide Web are losing out on effortless marketing.  

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